On the United Methodist Conference in Tampa, FL Apr 24 – May 4 2012

Mondoweiss has posted several articles urging Methodists to endorse the Divestment resolution — Divest from Caterpillar, Motorola, and Hewlett Packard.

1. In my opinion, Phil Weiss’s writing was tribal — he played the persecuted Jews card.

2. It seems to me Mondoweiss/Jews are trying to get Methodists to do what Jews do not have the moral fiber to do. But even then, they are pulling punches:  If Jews REALLY meant that they wanted Israel to be brought to justice, then they would advocate for boycotts of Sheldon Adelson’s gambling casinos, and call upon Haim Saban to submit to tax investigation, demand that organizations that advocate for Israel register as foreign agents, impose boycotts on US based corporations like Comcast, The Limited and Giant Eagle, Starbucks, Home Depot, Lowes, that (at least in the case of Limited, Giant Eagle, Home Depot) are quite open about their political and financial support for Israel.

Divestment actions against companies like Caterpillar, Motorola, and Hewlett Packard are ‘sacrificial lambs’ to deflect pain from the real bad actors.  If you want to punish Israel, boycott Intel, Teva Pharmaceuticals; divest from Lockheed Martin, BAE, Boeing, Northrup Grumman.  I think the bid to divest from Cat, Motorola & HP are disorthagonal. They apply pressure in the wrong place.

Furthermore, such divestment campaigns will not harm Israel AT ALL — if UMC sells its shares in those companies, by definition someone else will buy them. Israel will not be harmed, however, the move will validate the Israel-led campaign to destroy Iran’s economy, which IS having a distressing economic impact.  Divestment will give Israel the propaganda nugget to say, See, you are trying to destroy our economy, so our attempt to destroy Iran’s economy is an equally legitimate tool.

One more factor — My review of the Petitions and Resolutions United Methodist Conference considered suggests a hugely Israelo-philic sentiment.  Based on my 20 years experience participating with Methodists, they are ignorant of all but a dumbed down Sunday school version of Bible; history of Jews; history of Middle East; history of zionism.  Reinhold Niebuhr’s essay is worth a second look:

This article appeared in the Christian Century July 4-11, 1984, p. 682 (reprinted from the March 25, 1931, issue).

The Germans express themselves with increasingly unrestrained resentment against the Polish depredations upon German minorities. Worst of all, the growing anger of the German people over the economic slavery to which the treaty of Versailles condemns them, voiced particularly in the Hitler movement, threatens not only the parliamentary government of Germany but the whole peace of Europe. There is no real health and there are only a few signs of convalescence in the body politic of continental Europe. But liberal religion has a dogma and it views the contemporary world through the eyes of this dogma. The dogma is all the more potent in coloring opinion because it is not known as a dogma. The dogma is that the world is gradually growing better and that the inevitability of gradualness guarantees our salvation.

The liberal church has held to this dogma ever since John Fiske and his school made the doctrine of evolution acceptable to the religious mind and heart. . . . It has given a note of romantic and unreal optimism to the preaching of the liberal church and has prevented it from making any realistic estimate of the moral problems of our day.

United Methodists have a romantic vision of Israel, based on profound ignorance of Hebrew scripture, Jewish history, and zionism. Methodists are dogmatically committed to a pugnacious love affair with a Disneyland version of Israel.  This Disneyisrael vision is rigorously maintained by the Methodists’ unwitting collaboration with the Jewish world’s very deliberate censorship of any and all information that might tear the mask off Israel the Romantic hero.

Phil Weiss participates in that desperate project of censorship.  Weiss has deleted posts of mine that link to and discuss the Jewish declaration of economic war on Germany in 1933.  Just the other day, on a Jack Ross article, I posted a comment that included a direct quote, from a book by Edwin Black, in which Louis Brandeis stated in mid-February 1933 that “All Jews should leave Germany.” “I would have all Jews out of Germany,” Brandeis said, not once but twice and thrice, according to Black’s quotes in “The Transfer Agreement.” This kind of information that establishes an authentic timeline of Jewish actions that provoked and exacerbated German attempts to regain its footing undermines the 80-year old fantasyland narrative that Hitler was sooo evil and was “persecuting” and “killing” and “annihilating Jews.

Niebuhr’s words applied to that world in which Brandeis, Samuel Louis Untermeyer, Rabbi Stephen Wise, and the Warburgs and other bankers were pulling the levers of power with the goal of transferring vast wealth to the zionist project in Palestine, and to deliberately bringing about the destruction of Germany — the Sampson Option, 1933 iteration.  Erich Mendelsohn was the architect of the destruction of Germany.

Their noses deeply buried in a ‘sacred text’ of which they are largely ignorant and willingly and willfully misled, United Methodists do not know, and refuse to confront these facts; their support for Jews is as blind as it is dumb.  Nieburh’s words are as applicable today as they were in 1931:

The real fact about our civilization is that it is flirting with disaster. There is as yet no proof that we have the social imagination to bring the economic intricacies of our common life under the control of reason and conscience. Europe, faced with the anarchy of tariff barriers, knows that some kind of economic reciprocity must be developed, but lacks the moral energy and good will to overcome her confusion. America insists on large debt payments from Europe but refuses to accept Europe’s goods. All of the Western nations are anxious to sell Russia the machinery which she needs, but arouse warlike passions when Russia tries to pay for the machinery with her raw products. We conduct our international relations, in other words, with a social imagination hardly worthy of primitive savages.

If modern civilization faces disaster in its international life because it cannot bring its intricate economic relations under social control, we face moral confusion in our urban life because an impersonal megalopolitan life has robbed men of whatever shreds of social responsibility they once had. . . .

Meanwhile the church lives in a comfortable world. . . . The liberal church[’s] optimism is really the optimism of the middle classes who rose to power in the 19th century and who naturally interpreted the whole course of history in terms consonant with their own good fortune.


The articles Mondoweiss has posted on UMC Divestment:


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